Janitorial Service

There are many companies in this industry that look upon cleaning as easy.  They basically just go through the motions and think that because a building looks neat, it is also clean.  Just “surface cleaning” is prevalent throughout this business, as are those companies who don’t follow best practices and properly train their people, resulting in numerous incidents of cross contamination.  With the potent strains of bacteria that are popping up in our world today, following proper cleaning procedures to help control the spread of infection, is becoming extremely critical.  That is why we are constantly staying abreast of the best procedures and disinfecting products to use to keep our employees safe and healthy, and help keep your facility the same.

· Night Janitorial Services
· Day Cleaning
· Carpet Cleaning
· Day Porter
· Post Construction Cleaning
· Hard Surface Floor Services
· Hard Floor Sealings and Coatings
· Janitorial Supplies
· Follows all Jaco, OSHA, City,County, IDPH, and EPA regulations
· Green Certified Chemicals
· Microfiber Mops and Cloths
· Trained and Supervised Staffing
· Upholstery Cleaning
· Vacation replacements
· Wall Washing


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